Cottage Pie Cup Cakes

I really like cooking and baking and making cute things. There are far more cute desserts then real food. So this is my first attempt at adorable real food. I present Cottage Pie Cup Cakes.








I bough silicone baking cups on amazon. I made Cottage Pie and put the meat in the cup. I only filled the cup half way and it was too much potato so I would recommend filing the cup almost to the top with meat filling. Then I dolloped the mashed potato on top and smoothed it out with a spatula. I would also recommend pealing the potatoes so that they look more like ¬†frosting. If you make the mashed potato creamy enough you can pipe it onto the top in a swirly pattern. You wanna make sure to put enough mashed potato on top so that it comes over the edge of the baking cup. Heres one that wasn’t filled far enough.


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